our services pageWorn our? Scratched? Chipped? Bent, Broken or Burnt? There is an answer! Don't despair! Repair, not Replace.

When a job is worth doing it's worth doing well!

Natural wear and tear can take its toll on anything, not to mention the odd accident at home or at work.

Why spend our on a new replacement when we can bring the original back to life at a fraction of the price?

We are specialists at small area repair often refered to as SMART, further we can completely recoat your surface in-situ, no safety pins, just good old fashioned craftsmanship, using today's technology.

Damaging a surface can be a costly affair especially if you think the only solution is to replace it.

With out proven skills, techniques and products, almost anything can be repaired - invisibly. Our customers are simply amazed at the quality of finish achieved.

Over time daily wear and tear can leave unsightly marks, chips and scratches on any surface, especially ones that get a lot of use - kitchen worktops, doors, floors etc. We can bring these surfaces and many others "back to life" with our refinishing treatments.

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