Buy With Confidence

Buy with confidenceCHP Finishing Services Ltd; assuring you of the best quality cosmetic surface repairs and service have become a member of the "Buy With Confidence Scheme". This Scheme run by Trading Standards helps to install confidence in our customers and ensures we operate in an open and honest fashion. Why not visit your local Government web site to find out more.

Peugeot Team Up

CHP Finishing Teams up with Peugeot.... after four years with Volkswagen CHP finally sees the light.... we have recently teamed up with Peugeot purchasing their L2 New Partner van, the finishers have expressed sheer delight with the versatility of the vehicle and company director Chris Palmer is finding the reduced fuel bills a benefit not only to the company purse but also to the ever growing environment concerns.

Burn in Kitchen Worktop!

Ok it was an error of judgment the pan was hot and placed directly onto the laminate work surface, next thing a smell of burning and a blister the size of a 10 pence piece, normally not too much of a problem; but the landlord will not be happy as it will mean the worktop now needs replacing so the sink, hob, and tiles will need to be removed! fortunately this customer had heard of a company who may be able to fix it!

A little research and hey presto CHP Finishing Services found and a booking arranged, the blister in the worktop removed and the worktop repaired as good as new.